Where is amphitheater dream?

I read through the city’s report on how they plan to spend the funds available for many of the projects we need to do. It’s always great to divvy up the cash we’ve voted to make available.

But the last few times the city has been able to do this, one item never seems to be there – the amphitheater. A few years ago many of us worked hard, dreamed big dreams and even thought we could becomes Ashland South.

Alas, it didn’t happen. We never could afford a permanent sound or lighting system. Real bathrooms were a problem due to the cost of special sewer pipes. And the list was long.

So, is anyone listening, anyone looking ahead to dream once again and make plans?

– Patrica Corr

2 Replies to “Where is amphitheater dream?

  1. I try to bury that chapter in my life it was a lot of work and stress and for nothing. What a waste. Bulldoze it make it something else is my opinion I hate to say. It was a good try.

  2. All the work so many of us did to build that thing what a waste. I woudl rather burry that chapter in my life it was a lot of stress and work for nothing.

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