City opens applications for anti-racism task force

City of Martinez press release

MARTINEZ – The City of Martinez is pleased to announce the establishment of the Anti-Racism and Discrimination and Pro Inclusion and Equity (ARDPIE) Task Force. The purpose of the Task Force is to review and provide recommendations to the City Council on how City policies, procedures, and programming can be changed to ensure the elimination of systemic racism and to better serve every member of the community.

In addition to a review of the City’s policies, procedures, and programming, the Task Force will be asked to hold one or more community conversations to gain further insight into the perspective and experience of community members. This information gained from these community meetings will augment the experience of the Task Force and help shape the work of the community members selected for the Task Force.

The application and interview appointment process will identify nine Martinez community members based on geographic diversity, age diversity, ethnic diversity, and advocacy diversity through an interview process that will include both the City Council and a community panel. Final selections will be made by the Mayor with the concurrence of the City Council. Interviews are expected to begin in the middle of September.

Applicants must be either a resident of Martinez or have substantial involvement in a community organization or local business. Completed applications may be downloaded here and must be completed by September 1, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. Applications may be submitted by mail to the Deputy City Clerk, 525 Henrietta Street, Martinez, CA 94553 or electronically to

The City will continue to report the progress of the ARDPIE Task Force, its membership and process, and pledge its continued support and engagement to work toward a community that invites and welcomes all individuals to be a part of the community.

5 Replies to “City opens applications for anti-racism task force

  1. You’ve got to be kidding!
    An Anti-racism Task Force?
    Another waste of taxpayers money to fund high paid, do nothing positions, without any performance metric, for family, friends, or supporters of a politician.
    Disgusting. Time for change – in leadership!

  2. Other than the Acronym “BLM” , the group has little to do with making black lives matter.
    BLM is a communist front group.
    Their main purpose is to destroy this country.
    Their methods com straight from Karl Marx and Stalin.
    Spread disinformation and lies. Create riots and fear. Destroy Private property, Destroy the economy, Destroy the family, Destroy democracy.
    We see the evidence in the riots they have spawned throughout this country.
    Remember the Democrat party has always supported racist policies.
    The Republicans gave us: the abolitionist, Abraham Lincoln, abolished slavery, Sponsored the equal rights amendment and Gave us Martin Luther King and Caesar Chavis.
    Remember capitalism is the greatest liberator and Socialism in all forms destroys this freedom of choice and its incentive for productivity.

  3. For those whom feel all history was compleately make-believe … Your not wrong, but your not helping… Who are you? To tell any one anything. Most of you get your historical education from memes. Read an actual book once in awhile not the ones from K-12, mind you. Those are garbage, but you have now idea how parallel steps like this “task force” are to politics of eastern Germany in the later 1930s. Which lead to what???
    I agree history is being made right now… Try not F*#/ it up.

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