Column 1: Say what??

SAY WHAT?? The acknowledged ‘groper-in-chief’ who uses the Oval Office as a potty break between his jaunts across the country for political rallies, has now, to his hyped-up so-called supporters in the ‘heart of the nation’, sort of stubbed his toe by mocking a nationally-recognized accuser who told her story in front of the Senate Judicial Committee last week. However, what is to expect from someone who has no class, and who has no qualms about nasty denigrating comments about his appointed Cabinet members, elected members of the Congress, foreign national leaders, staff members. Because of his toxic personalities, someone referred to him as Agent Orange

SO MUCH ugly talk is said about the situation of the national scene, it is fun to mention things like the $90,000 raised last weekend with the Shell/MEF runs in downtown Martinez. The effort on the part of the coordinators to put this together is just terrific. And, it is better each year because it is a community event.

For historic purposes, the Martinez Education Foundation was founded in 1984 by three citizens who talked on the phone and agreed that such an organization would be a good thing to form. We had lunch, and Mary Lou Johnson, the late attorney Frank Bray, this columnist and a member of the staff of Martinez Unified School District, Jack Evans, had lunch at the then-lunch great place on Court Street so well done by George Miller’s mother, Dorothy, and sister. Thus, began, founded, started, and provided the seed-money by Shell Oil, what has become a wonderful provider of much $$$$$ for the benefit of our local schools.

This endeavor’s result is what communities can do with serious effort!

CHAOS CONTINUES at our national capital. How or when will it end, and who will have the willingness to forget their election base and do what is right for the nation? NEVER HAPPEN!! We have a governing body which has a membership, the members who are more worried about their seat as an elected person than they are about their responsibility to the nation and its well-being.

Have you read the articles by members of Congress which describe how much of their time as a member of Congress they have to spend on the phone or in person raising money for ‘the party’? It’s huge amounts of time which they should be spending on considering what they should do for the betterment of the nation.

Second thought…………perhaps the less they think, the better?!?!

FLEET WEEK ends today with thousands around the Bay Area lining the shorelines and highest vantage points to watch the vessels on the bay and private boats by the hundreds, and the wonderful Navy Blue Angels as they do their unbelievable maneuvers to the awes and wows of hundred of thousands. An annual spectacle which we are so able to view, thanks to the men and women of the world’s greatest Navy!

However, there are always those each year who make frantic calls complaining that they are ‘so frightened’ by the roar of the planes going over The City. One letter to the Chronicle complained that her cat was frightened, and she was going to stay home to keep her cat company. We really do have empathy, but we also have a wonderful indoor cat who endures our cleaning lady and her really scary vacumns at the same time our gardeners are using their electric trimmers and blowers all around our property. Our wonderful pets can be protected from the annual spectacular event if the owners do think about it.

We love and protect our ‘critters’, but let us not put a damper on this annual spectacle which has so many other events other than the Blue Angels. The attractions along the waterfront are designed to be for safety, conservation, and more. So much to learn!

CIVILITY has suffered so much during the past couple of years, seemingly evolving during the 2016 campaign. Can’t we all recall the terrible words used during the televised speeches by the self-proclaimed billionaire? A whole new demeanor evolved with each so-called debate becoming more nasty than the previous session. The tone for the current cross-country non-stop campaign 2020 rallies to re-elect Trump was established during 2016. The tone seems to have permeated from that campaign down through the hierarchy and into more of our citizenry. In some instances there is a feeling of disregard for our neighbors; a lack of caring. Or, is it just my imagination?

Perhaps the past several weeks of national TV coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings and the terribly divided committee that gives one the feeling of some despair? Will we be better when the confirmation process is over? Or, will if further divide us? Such strong opinions being voiced each day may be hard to live with down the road, so to speak.

As this Column is being written, news comes of 1,000 law professors sending a letter opposing the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The opposition is not because of his knowledge of the law or his record as a judge; their objection is based on his temperament which was exhibited during the televised hearing. His ranting opening statement, followed during the prolonged sessions by being arrogant and argumentative with the Senate committee members was their concern.

Who of us out here observing the fiasco of the hearing could honestly say we would not be ‘upset’ as we saw our chance of a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court slipping away as the hearings continued? Might we not show some strong emotions? Hard for us to feel the angst of one so close, but still far from the appointment.

HARRIETT BURT’S wonderful “Our Town” article in the September 30 edition of the Gazette was such a delight. For those of us ‘oldsters’ who can recall those days and many of the teachers who were her contemporaries, really had such fond recollections. And, of course, Harriett’s portrayal of stories or incidents, vocally or in print, are always attention-getters. Her 50-plus years in the community, and her reputation as an active community participant, made her story of being a green young teacher such fun. I had several of her fellow teachers when in MJHS in the mid-1940’s.

We are fortunate and happy that Harriett decided to stay in Martinez!

CHEERS for the Restaurant Tour participants (eaters and purveyors) who took part yesterday as a fund-raising event to help the Recreation Department’s free family show series, “Oohs, Ahs and Giggles” Thanks to all.

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