Letters to the Editor: Two supporting DeLaney for Mayor


I would like to express my support for Lara DeLaney’s  candidacy for Martinez Mayor.

As a longtime volunteer at many events and former board member of several organizations, I can say I see Lara volunteering and supporting more events and organizations than just about anyone. She’s a participating member of Martinez Kiwanis, Rotary, Boys & Girls Club and the Yacht Club. She also helped establish the Joe DiMaggio Hometown Hero non-profit – making substantial fundraising efforts to finish the restoration of the Joltin’ Joe, and working with Martinez Historical Society to create a museum to house the boat.

She goes above and beyond to be active in many Martinez activities and her energy and ethics are valuable to the City of Martinez.

I believe she’s dedicated to making Martinez a place for everyone – regular citizens, artists, city workers, students, seniors and people who are down on their luck. We need someone with Lara’s experience who brings Martinez to the forefront, while preserving all the reasons why Martinez makes the greatest city in the county.

She’s an active participant of Martinez and has shown that she has the energy, the experience and the drive to make a hugely positive difference.

Bruce Campbell


Lara DeLaney has my vote for Martinez Mayor. I believe her courage, commitment and community is what Martinez needs. I appreciate her attention to detail, and just learned she’s also a Senior Deputy at the County Administration working on budgets and legislation.

I value her comprehensive viewpoint and see how important is to have someone who interacts on a county-level and a city-level, adding an extra level of expertise in ways the others can’t. She clearly knows the intricacies of policy, budget, and Human Resources. We need to make sure we vote for the person who has the vision, the energy and the most experience for the most important position in our town that I love to call home.

Mrs. Diana Granados

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