Five Things to Know about PG&E Billing and a Public Safety Power Shutoff

  • Customers are not and will not be billed for usage when their power was off for public safety because no energy was being consumed.
  • Customers can go to their online accounts and click on a specific day to see when power was being delivered and when power was out.
  • Because SmartMeters are not able to communicate with the network when power is down, customers might see a shaded bar indicating estimated data, but the billing shows zero.
  • For customers impacted by the Oct. 9 PSPS, the bill credit ($100 for residential customers, $250 for business customers) has started showing up in November bills. The credit will be listed as “Customer Satisfaction Adjustment” on bills.
  • PG&E’s website offers substantial information about bills. Go to and click “Your Account.”

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