Kast Construction volunteers on Main Street to secure businesses

Employees of Kast Construction were on Main Street in downtown Martinez Friday volunteering to help business owners board up windows and doors.

Many storefronts and businesses in downtown are taking precaution in anticipation of Sunday’s planned demonstration at Court Street and ending at Waterfront Park.

The protest is scheduled from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

3 Replies to “Kast Construction volunteers on Main Street to secure businesses

  1. This is very cool of Kast Construction. What an amazing way to give back to the community! Thank you for your support team.

  2. As usual, proud Martinez pulls together based on the self-inflicted crisis our political “leaders” created.

    The decision to allow the street painting was beyond idiotic in a “woke” moment that has resulted in the supporters of this anti-American hate group coming to OUR town.

    Hopefully this “15 minutes of fame” our silent “leaders” have created will end peacefully if we have a STRONG police presence. We’ll see in a couple of hours…

  3. As usual the nice polite people of Martinez protect and serve their town. Despite the district’s attorneys personal agenda. Every time I visit Martinez, everyone is nice and polite and very family oriented. They welcome everyone no matter what color you are, so It was sad to see the lies that we’re spread about them, but They held their character during the persecution and stayed meek throughout.From my personal experience they are all around nice people with a very cool culture:) and yes they are in favor of guns so yes if you attack their families,you are likely to be shot, So break the law at your own risk,Probably another reason it stayed peaceful lol.Anyways.much love for your town, from your neighbor in concord❤️

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