MPD releases information regarding Sunday’s planned protest

Dear Community:

Many of you may be aware that we are planning for a large scale protest on July 12th. We have received numerous emails and messages from concerned business owners and residents about potential problems in our town due to the protest.

I wanted to provide some information on what we know, what we are doing, and what we expect. As a small community thrust into the national spotlight, we are now receiving a large amount of publicity and this has translated into a planned protest on Sunday July 12th. We anticipate a large group of folks showing up to gather at the Mural on Court Street and then marching to the waterfront.


There are several organizers involved and we have been in contact with the national group, TWS Revolution, as well as the local group, Martizians for Black Lives. The organizers from both groups have been helpful and cooperative in the planning of the event. They have worked with us on their walking routes and are committed to a peaceful gathering. We do not anticipate any issues from these groups, but we do anticipate a large number of demonstrators showing up at the Mural to gather.

I know that we have many in our community that are afraid and concerned about what this event may bring. I would ask that as a community, we collectively take a deep breath. Please know that as a City, we are doing all we can to ensure that the community remains safe. We do not have any specific information that would lead us to believe there will be any problems, but we cannot predict what may occur and with that in mind, we will have adequate staff on hand. I appreciate the help from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office and all the agencies within our County that are providing officers to assist us through mutual aid.


Our plan is to have officers out and about on Main Street and in the general downtown area to provide patrols to the businesses downtown. In an effort to control traffic in the area and to provide a buffer between the business areas, residential areas, and the protestors on Court Street, we will be blocking off the following streets starting on Saturday July 11th at 10:00 pm. Vehicles will not be permitted to enter the area until Monday the 13th at 7:00 am:

  • 500-800 blocks of Ferry
  • 600-800 blocks of Las Juntas
  • 500-800 blocks of Court
  • 600-700 blocks of Pine
  • 800-1000 blocks of Marina Vista
  • 800-1000 blocks of Escobar
  • 800-1000 blocks of Main
  • 800-1000 blocks of Ward
  • 800-900 blocks of Green

While we realize that blocking the streets will be inconvenient, it will provide us the ability to properly manage foot and vehicular traffic. It will enable us to provide a buffer as well as clear lines of sight between the protest and the surrounding area. We ask that the public and our business owners not park their vehicles in these areas from Saturday at 10:00 pm to Monday morning at 7:00 am. We will be placing barricades up to block off the streets to create this buffer zone.

Furthermore, the groups involved have agreed to park their cars at the Waterfront and convene at the Mural. They will then march from the Courthouse on Court Street to Marina Vista, west towards Ferry Street, and back to the Waterfront. This should alleviate parking related issues in and around the downtown area.


For anyone that is involved in the protest on Sunday – I would ask that you participate in a way that is respectful and mindful of others. Even when you may feel frustrated or angry, remember that when we lose our patience or lose control, any message we are trying to send gets lost in the delivery. Let’s all focus on sharing our message in a constructive and peaceful way.

The police department is committed to keeping the community safe. I have been asked by residents if the police will be enforcing the law. The answer is yes, we will. We want to provide an environment where people can peacefully assemble and engage in freedom of speech, but we cannot condone acts of violence, looting, damage to property, or behavior that puts the community at risk. Please help us keep this event civil and work with us to maintain the safety of our community. We are counting on you to help us help all of you. Thank you.

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  1. Really disgusting Martinez has to deal with these terrorist groups (BLM and Antifa) haters of America. Vermin. Disgusting these left wing vile politicians allow using tax payer money to paint BLM on the street n MTZ when ALL lives matter. PLEASE VOTE THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE. TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES IS THE GOAL.

    1. Apparently Frank, you have a reading comprehension problem; nowhere in the article does it mention BLM and antifa. This is organized by TWS and Martizians for Black Lives. More so to your lack of reading comprehension, nowhere did it state that taxpayer money was used to paint the BLM on the street. You’re welcome for me clarifying for you.

    2. The mayor here in Martinez has to go , he started this in our town, when he gave a permit to paint our street s when there was no vote To allow this from we the people of Martinez. Chaos is what he wanted Read the book of art of war is what he plans Make him powerful while Us citizens of Martinez get hurt for his power play He planned out… I will explain to all Martinez residents be careful and get your guns and tasers and anything you have to protect your self , the police will not be able to protect you if you are alone with these violent people, I pray for all the innocent people that may get hurt on Sunday. They city had the nerve to charge a husband and wife for a hate crime when they pay taxes for that street in front of the court house , Our city police say it’s a hate crime to paint All lives Matter .WOW

      1. Hi there, the protest on Sunday is a peaceful protest. The only person who is promoting violence here is you.

        Please don’t promote hate or violence here in my community.


        1. Ashley,

          I disagree. Considering the track record of previous protests by BLM and their racist / anti government marching & rally cries, of the past several years and especially just these past 6 weeks in NYC, Minnesota and other major democratic run liberal cities combined with the toppling of our National statues and monuments, You cannot personally promise that the protest will be peaceful. Actually to assume it will be peaceful on the side of BLM is just plain delusional. I do not believe that “AlllivesMatter” post above is promoting violence. S/he is warning others to take the proper precautions to protect themselves,their homes and businesses from the onslaught which is quite, quite more than only plausable. Nor, did I read any messages of hate in that post either.

          1. Ashley,

            I would also like to add that one of the many multiple instances of the hate and violence that you speak of has already been promoted and implemented (again), locally by the BLM march about a week ago over in San Francisco where yet another statue was toppled.
            On the base of the statue one of the protesters who you support wrote in spray paint,
            “KILL WHITEY”. The video clip was aired on Tucker Carlson/Fox on 7/10/20 when Carlson interviewed the couple who attempted to paint over the yellow BLM banner in Martinez, (Before they had their paint stolen from them by a counter protester). So please spare all of us your hypocrisy. So when I see the proof and evidence of the “KILL WHITEY” message and agenda, Black Lives Matter in my belief system, has instantly lost all standing and legitimacy with me. And finally, millions of people that stand with me are furious at the hypocrisy that no charges were filed on the people or person who wrote “KILL WHITEY”, yet a white couple who protested peacefully by starting to paint over the mural, during which they uttered NO racial slurs, names or epithets, are being prosecuted for a hate crime. The hypocrisy of BLM’s marching mantra of “No Justice = No Peace” is just Un – Flipping – Believable! It is this unjust, biased, blatant hypocrisy that all of us so called White, Nationalist, Racist Pigs are so upset about.

      2. Good post,

        You say however that the police will not be able to protect people. The fact is that they simply WON’T be protecting people because they will be completely overwhelmed and under “Stand Down Orders” from the Mayor and other elected local treasonists. Co Co County should have never authorized this “Peaceful Demonstration”, which is truly an attack on the citizens and their property in disguise.

    3. Frank, I too am disgusted. But I disagree that you are saying that “Martinez has to deal with these terrorist groups” No, they don’t HAVE TO at all, they are CHOOSING TO. It is overly clear now that our United States Governments from Federal down to Local are actively selling U.S. Citizens out by violating our sacred U.S. Constitution and flipping what is right into wrong and visa versa. I am disgusted because BLM is a self admitted Marxist organization with the heavy promotion of alternative, fringe lifestyles with the admitted and disclosed societal goals of destabilizing American families, culture and society. Starting from about 100 years ago, My Grandfather and Father and hundreds of millions of Americans and Europeans and Southeast Asians fought, bled and died to eradicate the world from Marxism, Bolshevism, Socialism and Communism. Fast forward to present, this cancer has been promoted in our American educational system at every level and is now being PROMOTED and PROTECTED by every level of our U.S. Government from Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi to Ilhan Omar to AOC right down to this Martinez Police Chief and The Contra Costa County District Attorneys Office, who all so very cavalierly shed and besmirch their civic duty that they took an oath for: To protect American Citizens. In doing so, they are lying to us and blowing smoke up our asses and again violating The U.S. Constitution. These aforementioned individuals and governments have all now in fact become the Tyrannical Government that our founding fathers warned us about in our Constitution. The Moron Deputy District Attorney who decided to file a BASELESS hate crime against the 2 Martinez citizens who peacefully protested by painting over the BLM banner, is clearly a Political Operative for The Liberal Socialist Movement. This D.A. did not file criminal charges, he violated The U.S. Constitution and launched a political lynching against 2 caucasians to set a precedent to instill fear into the silent majority of law abiding Americans to lay down, shut up give up, and relinquish our Constitutional Freedoms. He specifically violated The U.S. Constitutional First Amendment’s Right to Protest by implementing a 2 tiered justice system between BLM and the 2 individual caucasian citizens who peacefully protested by painting over BLM’s Marxist advertisement in front of THEIR LOCAL COURTHOUSE. BLM was allowed to protest by painting the mural, but the white citizens who opposed it were NOT. Who is the RACIST NOW??? It is equally disturbing to realize that our local county government took permit money to allow these terrorists to deface our streets and community in order to announce to the entire country that they are coming to destroy our town with the complete blessing of the Contra Costa County Government AUTHORIZING IT. CO CO COUNTY KNOWINGLY AND WILLFULLY TOOK MONEY FROM A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION TO ALLOW THEM TO COME AND DESTROY LIVES AND BUSINESSES OF HONEST HARDWORKING AMERICAN TAXPAYERS. Co Co County knows fully well that BLM is a violent, rioting organization. Due to their long standing behavior, BLM should not be allowed to assemble and march, in consideration of the better interest to protect the safety of the property and citizenry of Co Co county. These factors are the examples and the actions of a Tyrannical Socialist Government.

      I am 58 years old. I didn’t think that I was going to see a revolution or a race war in my life time.
      Due to this Deputy District Attorneys treason toward The American People, It very well may start tomorrow on Sunday 7/12/20. Counter protests are finally going to happen. The silent majority is afraid, furious and have had enough and are ready to fight back. Today on Saturday, 7/11/20 many, many people walked the entire neighborhood taking pictures of all areas to have a reminder of what the town “Used to” look like because they are afraid that it is going to be burned down. If there is hand to hand combat and gunfight in the streets, Gavin Newsom, The Contra Costa County Government and District Attorneys Office will ALL have blood on their hands.

  2. Between the un-elected bureaucrats and the feel good utopian politicians which have allowed this shit sandwich recipe to be delivered here to Martinez I truly hope that everything goes nice and peaceful like they idealize that it will.
    Regardless of anyone’s politics, these players that have been invited into our town have proven themselves to be naive hosts of violent and destructive tag along elements. It is simply foolish to believe that our town will be the shining example of peace, love and rainbows when so many cities have tried and failed at presenting that happy cupcake to the “block party”.
    With responsibility comes accountability in any successful organization or structure. When the adults return home to find a home destroyed by an innocent teenage party that got out of control, an election or recall will not replace what has been lost.
    Many times on the weekends, this proposed route of the protest can be blocked for extended periods by the freight trains working along the Martinez (rail) siding.
    I hope the nit wits that are hosting this “block party” have considered that possibility.
    If not, this could turn into a perfect storm for a grim media event.
    Good Luck Buttercup !

    1. Hi Buzzy,
      Great post! The nit wits in county government that you speak of are so intent at bringing the country down that they have probably already contacted Amtrack and any other rail lines and arranged with them to make sure that the tracks stay clear for the onslaught. We simply no longer can be left to pursue our liberty and freedom unless we fight for it.

  3. Hoping that all will go well and that there will be a peaceful protest! Hopefully, all your men
    and women will wear mask and whatever other
    protective gear that they can and still be safe!
    Prayer’s coming your way!
    Thanks to Martinez for allowing this protest to
    Be safe!

    1. Hi Joe,

      This protest is in response to the hate fliers that were found in downtown Martinez. We are protesting hate in Martinez and the systemic racism present here.

      1. Well Ashley Painting Black lives matter in huge yellow letters isn’t racist or a problem?? Lmao.. Last I checked ALL LIVES MATTER.. but hey I guess I can be like them…


        Martinez has disgusted me by letting this bullshit go on! Take that shit off the road!!!

  4. I remember when Martizians were very concerned that a legitimate business owner wanted to put a shooting range in the basement of a building.

    I guess all the people who opposed that idea are likely relieved his building remains vacant. Probably won’t attract any looters.

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