Letter to the Editor: New blood needed

Dear Editor,

I want to commend Felix Sanchez who in his recent letter to the editor called out our mayor and city council for waving annexation fees for a friend of the mayor. They did this at a time when city funding for essential services is critically low. They also wasted $100,000 dollars of these precious funds to try to prevent a citizen-backed open space referendum from reaching the ballot this next election cycle. When that did not work, they fashioned another measure intended to mislead the voting public and to assist the developers who have been funding their campaigns for years to continue with their support to develop open space in our city. When forced to redraw voting districts to better represent all of our citizens in the face of a major lawsuit, they gerrymandered the new districts to ensure they stay in power. All of these actions are very transparent and their motives are also transparent. They do not pursue the best interests of this city and our citizens. They purse their own interests and those of the people who fund their campaigns. Let’s do what Mr. Sanchez suggests and vote them out and bring new blood to our local government and better leadership to meet our needs into the future.

– Corinne O’Connor

2 Replies to “Letter to the Editor: New blood needed

  1. I am a citizen and want to protect my property from Tim Platt.

    Thank you to the City Council for protecting me and other private land owners. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean the city council isn’t doing their job.


    1. Platt worked tirelessly to save the Franklin hills and the Alhambra Hills. He deserves thanks not political pranks from Cranks.

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