Maintenance at Shell

We want to give you a heads up that there is a variety of work happening at the refinery this summer, beginning in July and lasting through early September. It is a series of planned activities for maintenance at the facility. There may be some noise, minimal flaring and additional lighting. We also expect more vehicles on the roads near the refinery due to a temporary increase in our workforce during this period. The areas where we expect to see more commute vehicles in the mornings and afternoons are: Marina Vista between I-680 and Shell Avenue and on Pacheco Blvd between I-680 to near Howe Road.

We are mobilizing resources to address any potential traffic impacts. In addition, we have carefully planned this work to minimize any impact to our neighbors, so we hope that apart from noticing the additional activity, this will not cause any issues for you.

If any of this activity is disruptive to you, or if you have a question or comment, we hope you will call our environmental hotline at (925) 313-3777. You can also follow what’s going on, at our Facebook page “Shell Refinery in Martinez” or on Twitter at “Shell_Martinez”.

As with all the work we do, our aim is to complete it in a way that does not impact our neighbors. Please let us know if we fall short of that goal.

Yours sincerely,

Ann Notarangelo – External Relations Manager

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