Martinez News-Gazette March 27, 2020 (e-edition)

It’s becoming a familiar sight to shoppers: An overhead sign directs them to the toilet paper aisle, but that aisle is nothing but empty shelves.

Like antibacterial hand gel,  paper towels and now certain food items, bathroom paper has been hard to find for at least a couple of weeks, after some purchasers began buying in large quantities once word that the COVID-10 virus was hitting American shores.

Manufacturers say they’re working nonstop to make these products to replenish those supplies.

“I can confirm we have thousands of P&G (Proctor and Gamble) employees working around the clock to continue serving consumers as many of our products play an important role in maintaining healthy habits and a healthy home environment, both critically important at this time,” said Erica Noble, of P&G’s Global Company Communications.

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