Martinez Police blotter for April 1-15, 2019

On April 1st, 2019, at 12:14 am, Officer Parsons arrested a woman for a warrant at 7-11 on Morello Avenue. Case# 19-941.

At 3:43 am, Officer Montano arrested a man on Fig Tree Lane for DUI related offenses. Case# 19-942.

At 12:12 pm, Officer Voyvodich contacted a man consuming alcohol in public at Quik Stop on Alhambra Avenue. The man was arrested for noncompliance in sex registration status. Case# 19-949.

At 9:26 am, Officer Voyvodich responded to the foot bridge on Brookside Drive for racial related graffiti that was spray painted on the bridge, with no intended victim. The city corporation yard was called out to cover the graffiti. Case# 19-947.

At 4:10 am, Officer Montano arrested a woman at 7-11 on Alhambra Avenue for a warrant. Case# 19-956.

At 4:17 pm, Officer Lincoln made a traffic stop in the Nob Hill Shopping Center. He arrested the woman driver for being under the influence of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance. Case# 19-961.

At 6:14 pm, Officer Lincoln responded to Petco for the report of two men assaulting a man. Upon arrival one man was located. He refused to speak with police. Case# 19- 967.

At 7:17 pm, Officer Lincoln contacted a man who said he was driving and being chased by another man, who eventually passed him and pulled over. The man being chased not only observed that the chasing man had pulled over, but he was now holding a firearm. This occurred on Center Avenue near Morello Avenue. Case# 19-969.

At 9:00 am, Detective Carney arrested a man at Tower Mart for possession of methamphetamine. Case# 19-971.

At 12:00 pm, Detective Williamson arrested a man at Marina Market for theft of a bicycle during a bicycle theft operation. Case# 19-974.

At 2:00 pm, Officer Voyvodich took a vehicle burglary report at the high school. The vehicle window was smashed and a laptop and homework were taken. Case# 19-975.

At 5:30 pm, Officer Voyvodich responded to a residence in the 400 block of Soto Street for a deceased man. Case# 19-976.

At 6:49 pm, Officer Mayberry arrested a woman at Walgreen’s for trespassing. Case# 19-977.

At 8:41 pm, Officer Mayberry received a license plate reader (LPR) alert on a vehicle travelling eastbound HWY 4. He located the vehicle and attempted an enforcement stop, but the vehicle fled. A short pursuit ensued until it was cancelled by the watch commander. Case# 19-978.

At 10:54 pm, Officer Mayberry arrested a man for a warrant in the 200 block of Tuolumne Avenue. Case# 19-979.

At 9:59 pm, Officer Montano investigated a suspicious vehicle at Nob Hill. A man was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Case# 19-980.

At 9:59 pm, while Officer Montano was clearing a call at Nob Hill, she contacted a man and arrested him for possession of a controlled substance. Case# 19-981.

On April 5th at 9:53 pm, Corporal Mayberry saw a car in the 4000 block of Alhambra Ave. spinning its tires in the roadway. He conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle and subsequently arrested the driver for 23109(c) CVC (Exhibition of Speed). The driver was cite released. Case# 19-988.

At 11:54 pm, Acting Lt. Salamid was on foot patrol in the 500 block of Court St. when he stumbled upon two subjects actively smoking methamphetamine. The two men were arrested for 11364 H&S (Possess Drug Paraphernalia) and cite released. Case# 19-989.

On April 6th at 2:01 am, Corporal Mayberry was attempting to catch up to a motorcycle at a high rate of speed when the motorcycle lost control and went off the roadway at Pacheco Blvd. and Arthur Road. The rider was arrested by CHP for DUI. Case# 19- 990.

At 3:20 am, Officer Montano conducted a traffic stop on Alhambra Ave. and Franklin Canyon Road. She contacted the driver, a 35-year-old woman from Antioch, who was under the influence of prescription medication. She was arrested for 23152(e) CVC and then booked at MPD and released. Case# 19-991.

At 10:30 am, Sergeant Gaul contacted several subjects in a vehicle parked in the John Muir Inn parking lot. The suspect in the front seat had heroin and drug paraphernalia on his lap. He was identified as a 26-year-old man from Vallejo. He was arrested for possession of drugs and paraphernalia. Case# 19-994.

At 11:00 am, Officer Buda stopped a vehicle eastbound SR4 near Glacier. One of the subjects contacted was a 53-year-old woman from Martinez. She was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and cite released. Case# 19-985.

At 4:43 pm, Detective Sergeant Moore responded to an auto burglary in the 600 block of Center Avenue. It occurred between 8:00 pm the prior night and 1:30 pm the day of the call. The point of entry is unknown. Miscellaneous items were stolen. Case# 19-996.

At 9:52 pm, Corporal Mayberry received a license plate reader (LPR) hit in the 800 block of Howe Road. He located the stolen Toyota at 825 Howe and the vehicle was unoccupied. Corporal Mayberry recovered the car and it was towed by B&D Tow. Case# 19-998.

At 11:34 pm, Corporal Mayberry contacted a 24-year-old man from Oakley at 735 Escobar St. (Marina Market). The man had been told earlier to leave the business or be subject to arrest. He was arrested for 602 PC (Trespassing) and booked into the Martinez Detention Facility (MDF). Case# 19-999.

On April 7th at 11:34 pm, Officer Parsons was on patrol and contacted a 51-year-old man from Martinez in the 600 block of Ferry Street. The man was in possession of a methamphetamine pipe. He was arrested for 11364 H&S (Possess Drug Paraphernalia) and cite released. Case# 19-1000.

At 9:15 am, Sergeant Gaul stopped a vehicle on Pacheco Blvd. at Blum Road. He contacted a 52-year-old man from Martinez. The man was arrested for driving with a suspended license for DUI and cite released. Case# 19-1002.

At 6:20 pm, Officer Voyvodich contacted an extremely intoxicated man in the 3300 block of Alhambra Avenue. A case was written to be filed with the DA’s office. Case# 19-1015.

At 11:55 am, Officer Winslett arrested a man in the lobby for a warrant. The man had come to MPD for a vehicle release. Case# 19-1016.

At 12:33 pm, Officer Voyvodich took a theft report at Cresco, where an unknown man took a chainsaw. Case# 19-1018.

At 11:13 pm, Officer Ramos responded to Walmart for a possible stolen vehicle that the reporting party saw on Facebook. The van was confirmed to be stolen. Officer Ramos recovered the vehicle. Case# 19-1022.

At 2:04 am, Officer Ramos responded to Lucky’s for a broken window. His investigation revealed that five businesses in the Village Oaks Shopping Center had either a shattered window or door. Case# 19-1023.

At 10:21 am, Officer Miller contacted a man in the 1100 block of Ferry Street. He was arrested for a warrant. Case# 19-1027.

At 2:03 pm, Corporal Baillie took a theft report from a resident in the 100 block of Hemmingway Commons. A bicycle was taken out of the garage. Case# 19-1031.

At 4:13 pm, Officer Miller arrested an intoxicated man trying to get into his vehicle after he was observed stumbling out of a bar downtown. Case# 19-1032.

At 11:17 am, Officer Miller arrested a woman for robbery in the 600 block of Main Street. The woman had taken a cell phone from another woman in a nearby business. Case# 19-1038.

At 12:18 pm, Corporal Schnabel responded to Bank of America in the Virginia Hills Shopping Center to investigate a fraud. A bank patron was approached by an unknown man who asked for help in cashing a check as he was not a B of A customer. The unknown man offered the bank patron $40 to cash the check for him. The patron ultimately agreed and he was handed the check by a woman who was with the unknown man. The check, in the amount of $4864.50, was cashed and the funds were given to the unknown man and woman, who then left the area. The bank patron returned inside the bank and soon learned the check was fraudulent. Case# 19-1041.

On April 12th at 12:40 pm, Officer Wah responded to the 1800 block of Ferry St. for a stolen vehicle report on a green 1998 Honda Civic. The owner was out of the country and the vehicle was stolen between April 1st and April 12th. Case# 19-1047.

At 1:00 pm, officers responded to Tuolumne Ave. for the report of a person possibly attempting to enter the residence. Officers contacted a 45-year-old man from Martinez. There was no unlawful entry, but he was arrested for a $5,000.00 misdemeanor warrant for drug violations. He was booked into MDF by Officer Voyvodich. Case# 19-1048.

At 7:24 pm, Corporal Mayberry stopped a vehicle on Alhambra Ave. near Hwy 4 for vehicle code violations. During his investigation, he learned that the vehicle was unreported as stolen out of Concord. The driver sold the car to the victim two days ago then stole the car. He was arrested and booked into MDF for stealing a vehicle, possession of stolen property and possession of burglary tools. Case# 19-1050.

On April 13th at 12:44 am, Corporal Mayberry stopped a vehicle on Hwy 4 near Morello Avenue. It was determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested and then later released from the station. Case# 19-1053.

At 9:00 am, Corporal Baillie responded to the 1100 block of Paradise Dr. for an auto burglary. It occurred between 1:30 am and 8:30 am. The loss was tools and miscellaneous property. The point of entry was a window smash. Case# 19-1054.

At 11:00 am, a citizen reported a possibly intoxicated subject was getting into a vehicle near the intersection of Ferry Street and Ward Street. Officers contacted the subject as he was attempting to drive away. He was identified as a 64-year-old man from Martinez. He was arrested for DUI, and he is currently on probation for DUI. He was booked into MDF by Officer Wah. Case# 19-1055.

At 4:20 pm, Corporal Mayberry contacted a 34-year-old man from Martinez at the intersection of Marina Vista and Richardson Street. He was arrested for three misdemeanor warrants. $5,000.00 for possession and two $10,000.00 for possession and traffic. Search incident to arrest revealed possession for sales. He was booked into MDF. Case# 19-1056.

At 6:50 pm, Corporal Mayberry contacted a man at Jack-in-the-Box and arrested him for a warrant. He was booked into MDF. Case# 19-1058.

At 7:22 pm, Officer Montano contacted a man during a traffic stop and arrested him for warrants. He was booked into MDF. Case# 19-1059.

At 7:24 pm, Corporal Mayberry contacted a woman on Bayshore Street and arrested her for a warrant. She was booked into MDF. Case# 19-1060.

At 8:00 am, Officer Wah was driving through the parking lot of the Village Oaks Center. He observed a 67-year-old man from Martinez in front of Togos. The man had set fire to a pile of papers and cardboard. He was arrested for arson. Case# 19-1063.

At 7:20 pm, officers responded to Rankin Park for a report of two subjects possibly using drugs. A man was contacted and arrested for possession of methamphetamine. He was cite released from the scene. Officer Montano case# 19-1065.

At 6:35 am, Officer Miller responded to Bridgehead Road for a stolen vehicle report. The vehicle had GPS and was located in Solano County. Case# 19-1067.

At 9:11 am, Officer Voyvodich received an LPR alert for a stolen vehicle. He located the vehicle, unoccupied, on Leslie Avenue near San Carlos Street. Case# 19-1069.

At 4:21 pm, Officer Miller took a grand theft report that occurred in the 600 block of J Street, where the victim’s vehicle was broken into and approximately $24,000 in property was taken. Case# 19-1076.

Thanks to Chief Manjit Sappal and Renee Jacobs of the the Martinez Police Department.

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