Martinez post office town hall tonight

MARTINEZ, Calif. – U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson and Rep. Mark DeSaulnier have organized a town hall meeting Aug. 22 that will let the public comment or ask questions of representatives of the Martinez post office.

Residents have had concerns about their mail delivery for some time. Prior to the April 4 City Council meeting, some took their complaints to City Hall, telling the Council of receiving no mail for a week, having mail sent to wrong addresses and getting mail late at night.

Others complained that posted hours for passport services are not kept.

At the April 4 meeting, attended by Postmaster Jeanette Davis, residents raised similar concerns, and Vice Mayor Lara DeLaney handed Davis an 11-page list of missed deliveries, lost or late mail and complaints about poor customer service in the lobby.

Councilmember Mark Ross suggested a public workshop with the postmaster, although the postal service answers on a federal, not city, level.

The issues aren’t new; in 2015, postal service spokesperson Augustine Ruiz acknowledged to the Council that 40 formal complaints had been registered about mail delivery and personnel in Martinez. Councilmembers said residents experienced better service after that exchange, but complaints again are on the rise.

At the April 4 meeting, Davis said getting mail delivered on 37 routes is challenging, but said “everything is transparent.”

She continued, “We do strive to handle each customer complaint.” She said her open- door policy means any customer can call me. Some residents said they have tried, but were unable to reach Davis.

The town hall will start at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 22, in the Council Chamber of Martinez City Hall, 525 Henrietta St.

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