MPD pay and retention issue

| April 11, 2018 | 13 Comments

This is not as simple as some are making it out to be.

Police are a top priority, but money voted for parks years ago cannot just be given to police. Even if the council could give that money to the police, they would be breaking rules doing it and be in trouble.

From what I understand a contract was made a few years ago and agreed upon. So it has to be negotiated and agreed upon again before more money can be diverted to police.

All the Council and Mayor live in Martinez and also depend on Police. And not that they do not care about others, they do, and the city to be safe etc., but even politically they are working on it.

I do not think it is fair to lay the blame on the council or Mayor for this issue. It is important and I hope it is worked out ASAP and we stop losing officers and hire enough to police our city.

Also I hope we can pay them what they deserve and also have competitive pay for them compared to other cities. But this has been spun politically to make it look like all they care about a ball field and park more than police, which is not true.

If they could have seen into the future how ever many years ago it was and made their pay etc more back then when the contract was signed to have avoided this situation they would have. How could we have known what other cities would do the following year or whenever when they made new contracts with their police department?

So suddenly some other cities can out bid us for police and even take our newly trained police for better pay and benefits .. I just hope Martinez can compete and find the money to at least equal what some other cities are now able to pay. Or beat them. Then in a year or two the other cities will up the pay and so it goes.

But in my opinion making this political is hurting your cause and crying wolf in an election year people are smart enough I think to see through this also and when you have a legitimate gripe or criticism you will lose the trust of a lot of voters and once again this will backfire, because again it is not as simple as some are saying and I see so much concern and interest motivated more by politics than on actual facts and legitimate concerns.

– Chris Kapsalis

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