Subcommittee to review Measure D pavement program

MARTINEZ, Calif. – The Martinez City Council’s Franchise/Public Infrastructure Subcommittee will review Thursday the Fiscal Year 2018-19 paving program that will be underwritten by Measure D funds.

Measure D is the half-cent sales tax approved in 2016 by Martinez voters. Its revenues must be used for the city’s local roads’ maintenance and repairs.

The tax is expected to triple the city’s past paving budget. Martinez had spent $15 million its available grants, the declining California gasoline tax and local road funding on its 121 miles of roads since 2015 through 2016, but when the tax was placed before voters, conditions of those local roads were next to last in Contra Costa County, with only Orinda below Martinez.

A citizens oversight committee was formed to make sure the revenue is spent only on local road improvements, and money will be allocated in accordance with the Road Improvement Plan adopted annually by the City Council.

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