Update: Measure I lead growing

MARTINEZ, Calif. – Measure I, the citizen-initiated ballot measure that would prevent development on open space park and recreation land without voter approval, now leads by 100 votes a similar city measure that would apply only to publicly-owned land, according to information provided by the Contra Costa County Elections Department.

The two measures were put before voters June 5. They could have chosen to support both, neither or one, and the measure that receives the most “yes” votes will prevail.

Measure F, placed on the ballot by the Martinez City Council, had a 75-vote lead after all precincts reported their results election night. However, as additional vote by mail and provisional ballots were counted, Measure I took a scant 4-vote lead.

Later last week, as more ballots were counted, Measure I had 5,129 yes votes to Measure F’s 4029.

The citizen’s initiative has 5,129 yes votes, 4,806 no votes and a total of 9,935 cast by voters.

The city’s initiative has 5,029 yes votes, 4,988 no votes and a combined 10,017 votes cast.

City staff and officials had questions about the legality of portions of Measure I, but a decision on those points was delayed until after the election.

Clerk-Recorder Joseph Canciamilla has until July 6 to report the final result of the election to Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who must certify the results by July 13.

Those interested can follow the counting process on www.cocovote.us/current-and-past-elections/current-election-results/ or at https://www.contracostacore.us/.

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