Vote Yes on X

Despite past missteps, both imagined and real, City Staff and Council should be recognized for being responsive in an attempt to hire and retain quality staff for police and other public services.

Rising pension costs are killing cities all over the state. Measure X funds will be independently audited to ensure compliance with state and local laws.

The Council has inherited the JFA loan from 1970s administrations and is making the best of an unfortunate situation; consider the experience an expensive lesson learned and let’s move on.

The Council was compelled to let the issue play out and then acted right away, yes it took time. I don’t agree with every decision Council has made but overall we have a very fiscally conservative city council.  One could argue the Council’s fiscal conservancy got us to this point.

The Council moved forward with a general rather than a specific tax; this avoids a required super majority of 66.67% rather than a simple 50% +1 majority. Polls were taken that look good for a specific tax but like me Council understands this measure is too critical for the city to gamble on a poll.

My question to those against this measure is simple; knowing the red ink the city faces in coming years what’s your alternative?

I understand folks don’t like taxes, I’m one of them but don’t vote no because you’re angry about the past vote yes because there is no alternative for the future; think you’re angry now? A vote against the sales tax is a vote to do nothing and that won’t serve our community.

Read the recent fiscal forecast staff presented, get the facts, and vote Yes on X.

– Greg Travers

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