CHP offers tips regarding highway shootings

After two highway shootings were reported on California Highway 4 in March, California Highway Patrol has issued some tips to motorists.

Two occupants of a Nissan were uninjured after another sedan followed them closely on westbound Highway 4 between McEwan and Franklin Canyon roads late Saturday. The two said they were tailgated and pulled over when it appeared the other car was about to pass.

Instead, the car, possibly a white Toyota, parked in front of the Nissan, and a passenger fired at the pair, who ducked under their dashboard, according to the California Highway Patrol report.

Earlier this month, a 25-year-old Antioch woman wasn’t as lucky. She died March 16 as she was driving east on Highway 4 near Willow Pass Road and struck a guard rail. Officers found bullet holes on the driver side of her car.

Officers haven’t said whether the two incidents are related.

However, Officer Brandon Correia offered tips to motorists traveling on Bay Area highways.

“We cannot predict when criminals are going to commit these crimes, but what we can do is a thorough investigation in which you can possibly assist us,” he said. “We’d like to advise the public of these tips if you witness or have information regarding any freeway shooting.”

First he said, when reporting an incident, it’s important to know which highway the driver is traveling, the direction of travel and the nearest off ramp.

Second, people should try to get a make, model and color of the suspect vehicle, and if possible get a full license plate.

Third, he said, is to try to get a description of the suspect or suspects – whether they’re male or female, their approximate age and ethnicity, a clothing description and any identifying marks or tattoos.

Those with information about past incidents may call Contra Costa California Highway Patrol, 925-646-4980, or the 24-hour tip line at 707-917-4491.

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