Column 1: Come on, Kamala

Martinez News-Gazette Columnist

COME ON, KAMALA, do the important job you wanted and were elected to in 2016. Give up this preparing for a run for the top job in 2020. California has so much need for effective members of the Senate, you need to concentrate and focus on being a U.S Senator, not a wanna-be president. Your face is appearing on TV too often making comments on events of the day, and ‘grilling’ candidates in hearings. And the media is now mentioning your move for the White House. Cool it, Senator, and focus on California’s needs. Ditch your track shoes and put on your work boots. Your California constituents need you.

SUMMER CAMP has been one description of what some detention centers have been called by U.S bureaucrats for the youngsters who have been detained during the White House’s Zero Tolerance policy for those who have come across the southern border into the much-sought-after safety and security of the wonderful U.S.A.

As a Boy Scout in the 1940s, I don’t recall Camp Wolfeboro, off Highway 4 in the Sierras, having cyclone fencing, even with sports events. It appears that today’s poorly (or non-prepared) hierarchy in Washington, D.C. has never been to ‘camp’! Our nation is poorer for it, and hundreds of youth, through no fault of theirs, find themselves in a life-changing situation from which they may never recover. A terrible situation. A tragedy with no simple or easy solution.

BART stations have been in the news as places with dangers lurking and no ready answers. So many stations with not enough police coverage. Who would expect to be attacked in a public place by someone with mental illness problems? A sudden attack from someone with no provocation and no protection or help nearby. Only constant caution and prepared to react seems to be the best way to travel by BART. Not a happy situation!

GOOD NEWS ‘on the street’! Two major cross-town streets are in the process of being resurfaced. Large notice in last Sunday’s Gazette gives the details and how to live with the project’s details of operation.

The contractor, MCK, will be resurfacing Brown Street from Berrellesa to Pacheco Boulevard, and Green Street from Berrellesa to Court Street. Work will be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday 8/3/18 through Saturday 8/17/18. Signs will be posted to help neighbors.

And, more good news on streets. The City Council will be approved another contract for further street improvements in our town. YAY!

OOPS! Our blurb last week regarding the Martinez Historical Society’s “Tucker” evening, a fund-raiser at the Shell Club House, had the wrong date. The event will be on Saturday, August 11, for sure. Sorry for any confusion., and hope to see you there. These are always community events where we see friends, neighbors and the new folks we haven’t met, yet.

PHONY PHONE CALLS continue to come. What is the purpose? If answered, there is most often no one on the line. Our TV shows in-coming calls on the screen giving us the opportunity to answer or not. The number of calls has slowed recently, but still annoying. We have talked to the Feds about the calls of which they are aware. They have folks tracking the sources, most of which seem to be coming from India, the Philippines or other foreign places. Not the usual “I have a deal for you”, scam, in most cases, so far. However, please be aware and cautious. Caution from authorities who know about these things : If asked is this (your name?), do not say “yes”. That can be used in ‘doctored’ recordings for bad purposes. The world is/can be ugly!!

JUST POCKET CHANGE for Apple these days? Latest report is that Apple has $243.70 BILLION in CASH in its piggy bank. Also, their latest report on profits shows very healthy profits from its latest ‘devices’.

These numbers are, indeed, fascinating. Some months ago I related an experience we had in the Walnut Creek Apple store on Main Street. During a class I asked to use the rest room. “We don’t have a rest room here, but you can go across the street to Neiman-Marcus and use their restroom,” was the instructor’s response. Although somewhat ‘stunned’, I was in no position to ask too many questions. Waiting at the long signal on Main Street was a bit of a trauma, but the big store had a lovely facility, and gracious employees. Even though it is a ‘pricey’ store, I must encourage Jeanne to purchase something at Neiman-Marcus. A handkerchief, perhaps?

HAVE YOUR TESLA, yet? Hang on because it may still come to you if they can hold on financially. Latest report was a loss of $771 million for the last quarter. However, they report things are getting better as they begin to really produce the Model 3 vehicle with a goal of 5,000 a week (or is it a month?). Either way, kinda like a butcher spewing out sausage. How many glitches included in each car which will necessitate a recall soon? All best wishes to the Tesla company, and the buyers of their revolutionary product, which we do see many more on the road.

ALONG WITH OUR nation, there are others who are imperiled by the current White House gang. Who? Along with national parks, Arctic areas being opened to exploration for oil and gas, and more, the Oval Office Ogre has formed an advisory council which will look at allowing more ‘big game’ hunting, including of elephants for their ivory. Reports tell us the ‘advisory council’ is stacked with ‘die-hard trophy hunters’ to help him turn about his earlier thoughts about the ‘horrors’ of hunting game in Africa, and elsewhere Of interest, of course, is that Trump sons, Eric and Donald, Jr., are avid hunters of big game for trophies. Advocates for preserving the wonderful big game left on earth were rejected from appointment for the established council. We are told.

How tragic and sad that there are those who can kill beautiful animals just to prove how wonderful they are as ‘big game hunters’! What must they think when they kill a beautiful beast in the wild? Yes, sad!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, U. S. Coast Guard, 223 years on August 4th. Semper Paratus….Always Ready!

CHEERS to the San Joaquin Yacht Club which celebrates its 30th anniversary of supporting Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa. Thirty years of fund-raising events to achieve $500,000 of support. Our good friend, Paul Kraintz, is Secretary-Treasurer and Co-Founder of Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa County, a dedicated advocate for the seniors in the county.

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  1. Neimans Marcus is a known corporate criminal..To suggest purchasing from this near bankrupt retailer that has repeatedly failed to protect customers identities is a diss service to your readers

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