Column 1: Got a favorite??

Martinez Gazette Columnist

GOT A FAVORITE?? Another 2020 political debate for the presidential nomination for the Democrat Party is coming. Who do you like at this point? No favorites? No one looks like a presidential candidate from their appearance on stage or from the words they say? Their policies don’t make sense? Too many confusing details? No one looks like someone who can beat the incumbent? How about narrowing the field down to a few? Process of elimination might work. Or, is it just too early in the many months of campaigning? All the above, maybe? Hang on!!

A very disturbing revelation recently from social media hierarchy that obvious lies will be allowed to be run regarding other candidates or issues. Not only do we have to protect against outside messing around with our political process by the Russians, maybe the Chinese, and who else, now we will have to deal with in-house lies and distortions What next? How about a benevolent dictator with no need for elections?

Interesting speculations heard in political circles: “Is there anyone else out there?”

THE INCUMBENT, meanwhile, continues to dig a larger hole for himself each day with very controversial decisions, public statements and off-the-cuff tweets directed at any and all who displease him by not agreeing with him. The would-be ‘one-man band’ is growing more autocrat-prone daily to the consternation of senior advisors and leaders in the GOP. Tragic decisions made with little or no counsel or advice from his top aides. Hopeless must be the feelings of those trying to help him save the country, and himself, from his terrible decisions. And, of course, those who dare question or oppose him from his GOP party suffer his wrath. This week one GOP congressman was referred to as ‘human scum for voicing his thoughts. How nice from the president of the nateion.

Probably the worst decision he has made during his tenure to date is the pullout of U.S. forces from Syria leaving our Kurd allies hung out to dry and facing slaughter. Now, to make matters worse, the Russians have hooked up with the Turks to move forces into the region to help ‘patrol’. Sure!! As the saying goes: “ there goes the neighborhood,” but in a most tragic series of events, and the destabilizing of the entire region. Our nation may not recover our security or our reputation for decades, if even then. The devastating results of a person who declares to the world that he is ‘all wise’ and is his best advisor. So scary!.

Very concerning to many of us who worry about the current leadership, and where it is leading, was the comment at a Cabinet meeting this past week, regarding the Oval Office Guy ‘s plan to house the next G7 international conference at his Doral Country Club in Miami, which was shot down over the weekend by intense criticism from all sides, GOP and Democrats. The ‘host’ finally made the call, avoiding an emolument violation of the U. S. Constitution, which he tends to ignore routinely.

An indication of his mind-set (as an autocrat) was his comment during a press briefing in his Cabinet’s presence bemoan9ng his, as President, having to obey constitutional law, “like this phony emolument policy”, preventing him from renting out his Doral Club for the world conference. Than, in his usual classy style, ‘admitted’ that being president is costing him $2 Billion to $5 Billion dollars, and not even drawing a paycheck. How about unemployment pay in 2021?

How many of his strongman friends feel the same about their country’s laws? Hang on, America, there are more bumps in the road ahead.

A GREATER MARTINEZ? City Council is studying the possibilities of expanding the city limits out along Pacheco Boulevard., and a portion of Alhambra Valley. As history has shown us in recent years with other expansions, the process takes a long time and with considerable discussions, hearings and teeth-gnashing by those who prefer to remain attached to Martinez, but as an incorporated area of Contra Costa County. Let the ‘fun’ begin.

LOCAL ‘BOY’ makes it in the NFL. Trevor Davis, No. 11 on the Oakland Raider roster, is giving us some fun watching as he plays following his coming from the Green Bay Packers a few weeks back. Alhambra High School Bulldogs fans will remember how Trevor dazzled us with his outstanding play a decade ago. Now 27, he is giving us more reasons to root for the Raiders who are not doing so well this year, but they have hopes. Wonder how he will like living in Las Vegas?

FEEL GOOD about not being in the power outage areas? Of course we do, at least for now. It’s easy to understand the grief such times cause so many who vitally depend upon the ‘juice’ to maintain businesses affected by loss of lighting, refrigeration and such. How much is such grief and inconvenience worth if devastating fires are avoided?

CHEERS for the celebrations of two of the finest military organizations in the world…the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. The Navy is at 244 years of service, while the Marine Corps (ooorah!) Is a year younger. We are proud to recognize their service to country and their history of protecting and defending against tyranny around the world. May God bless America and all of our armed forces.

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