Letter to the Editor: Canceling my subscription

Bill Sharkey’s piece in today’s paper (July 7th) is the last straw – I’m canceling my subscription.

He clearly suffers from “Trump Delirium Syndrome” and the various comments he makes are uneducated and misinformed.

Why your paper provides a forum for this kind of bigoted person to express his political views is beyond me – especially on your front page.

Why people like Sharkey feel the need to inject their unwanted political views on everyone is a sign of a self-centered “know it all.”

Congratulate him for his 15 minutes of fame to spew his message of hate and divisiness – you now have one less subscriber.

Have him talk about whatever else he wants – politics is a dangerous mindfield in today’s world and you should evaluate if he needs “to go there.”

– Mike Daley

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