Letter to the Editor: Riverhouse bed bug infestation


I live next to your office at the Riverhouse.

It has been known that there is a long time problem of bed bugs at the low income subsidized housing unit. Now managment is claiming that is the fault of the tenants for the infestation and said they will charge us for treatment.

I have bed bugs in my unit and spray weekly as their “treatment” has never got rid of the bugs, even though I was assured it would.

The treatment they used are heating units that are supposed to elevate the temperature of your room to 128 degrees. I entered my room right after he was done and it wasn’t more than 90 degrees. That was last spring.

Every time one of my neighbors gets a treatment I notice they come back to my unit.

This kind of gaslighting by the management is beyond acceptable.

I am seeking an attorney to start a class action lawsuit over this ongoing issue.

If you could print this letter or maybe write a story it would be greatly appreciated. If you do print it please leave my name off. I do not trust the management and I plan to take action against these slumlords.

– Riverhouse resident

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