Letter was hypocritical

I find the letter I received from the organization ‘Martinez Citizens for yes on Measure F and no on Measure’ – signed by Martinez City Council members Rob Schroder, Noralea Gipner and Debbie McKillop – extremely hypocritical

Else, how do you explain starting a letter with, “We are writing as citizens of Martinez and not is our capacities with the City of Martinez…” but then end with the position each of the three individuals hold on the City Council. Mayor, Councilwoman under their name and signatures.

I am disgusted with the antics of Schroder, McKillop and Gipner on the Martinez City Council. These three as well as this sham organization should be ashamed – the actions of the three having done nothing in the last several years but waste the hard-earned dollars of our fair city in never-ending lies and schemes to line the pockets of developers and landlords and defraud the general citizenry. Even the courts agree! Shame, shame, shame on Schroder, McKillop and Gipner and the aforementioned organization.

Effective immediately, I request that the ‘Martinez Citizens for yes on Measure F and no on Measure’ remove my address from your mailing list and cease selling it.

– Kathleen Heath

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