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MARTINEZ, Calif. – Jordan Schreiber is the senior master 7th degree Black Belt Chief Instructor/owner at ATA Martial Arts Leadership Academy. What makes this business different, is Schreiber’s calling to the blend of martial arts, education and community service.

Growing up in Northern New Mexico with 13 siblings, he learned people skills. “My parents adopted 10 children,” Schreiber remarks. “They saw a need and wanted do something about it. In our family, we had children from India, Cambodia, Korea, and various races from the United States.”

“My dad said, ‘service is the rent you pay for living.’”

Jordan Schreiber took this philosophy to heart and integrated it into the disciplines his school teaches today: Songahm Taekwondo and Karate, integrated with elements of other disciplines such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The ATA teaches fire safety and emergency life saving skills at special seminars as well.

This quote is on the school’s website: “When I opened my school in 2003, I made a commitment to serving and empowering the community of Martinez ….”

An example of that is coming up Sat. July 28 when ATA Martial Arts is giving free Community Community Response Training from 12:00 to 2:30 p.m. at 1124 Arnold Dr., Suite 101- B. Expect Enhanced Bystander CPR, with EMTs on site, perhaps with some of their vehicles and equipment. The business in participates in the July 4th Parade, National Night Out, and other community events.

The martial arts training is related to safety, personal responsibility and leadership, fitness, self control, self defense, confidence, and respect.

Students are taught to bow to each other as a sign of respect. They call each other “Mam” and “Sir”. Schreiber says it establishes an attitude of respect for others.

“A lot of what we teach is safety. We give students skills and teach how to handle bullies, awareness and how to deal suspicious strangers, what to do about attackers (if you are an adult), and to anticipate dangers,” Schreiber commented.

“Some programs… over emphasize the dangers. The reality is most child abductions are not strangers. I tell the students, ‘This is probably never going to happen to you, but it is good to know,’” he said.

Schreiber developed an early interest in martial arts skills, and as soon as he began to master them, he started teaching others. Schreiber organized a Kick-a-thon Competition as a non-profit fundraiser and began teaching classes by age 14.

“It taught me to set goals, and break them down into manageable pieces, and to develop leadership skills,” he recalls.

Passing this on to others is a way of life for him. Teachers at ATA are former students, and some still study with Schreiber, who has had a school in Martinez for 16 years.

ATA Martial Arts Leadership Academy

1124 Arnold Drive

Martinez, CA 94553

(925) 957-9383,, Twitter: @masterschreiber

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