Column 1: Oh boy!!

Martinez News-Gazette Columnist

OH BOY!! Noticed the weather is getting cooler? Each morning there now appears to be some ‘dampness’ on the decks and walkways at our place. We’ve noticed it, but have not mentioned it to anyone. Why? Because, if we should slip, use the wrong words and find ourselves in legal trouble, or defending ourselves against the ding-dongs who now object to a wonderful song dating back decades. A song recognized as part of this time of the year. Now, with nitwits who, perhaps, are short of something worthwhile to do, have created a legal action to curb the use of the great song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. They read into the lyrics bad thoughts/meanings/ideas, or whatever. What’s the old saying about “in the mind of the beholder?”

The world is in turmoil in so many parts of the globe. Millions are starving as the result of civil war. France has great civil strife right now with riots in the streets of Paris. The Middle East is divided by religions and nationalities. Our armed forces are facing death each day in Afghanistan trying to bring stability and peace to that nation. Here at home our government is chaotic with a Chief Executive whose rating is 40 percent, and who has no business being in a job way over his head; and, worse, does not want to learn how the job is done.

AND, we have folks who have nothing else to do; so they decide after decades to cause trouble by objecting to a wonderful song enjoyed by millions over the years. Hey, trouble-makers, get a life. Join the real world and take on a REAL cause to save lives, help straighten out troubled nations, give our nation a boost to help bring together the divided groups tearing at the fabric of our society. A real good and worthy endeavor would be to help the thousands who are hungry…adults and children.

In the meantime, in keeping with the season, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

PERSONAL ASIDE: Thanks to the road crew which made some wonderful improvements to the roadway in our neighborhood. It was quick and painless for us; and appreciated. Thanks, City Leaders!!

POLICING in our community is a real deal, as the saying goes. The detailed incidents given to us by our Chief of Police show day-by-day how our officers are taking care of us. Hopefully, our citizenry is taking a good look at the many incidents where our officers ‘find’ someone who needs to be locked up for a number of reasons. Many contacts are made by dumb drivers who have records, or whose vehicle has ‘bad stuff’ in it. Others are apprehended by alert policing seeing a vehicle known to be stolen, car-jacked, etc. A check on a suspicious person turns out to be a ‘wanted’ fugitive, or someone on probation doing something he/she should not be doing, or somewhere they should not be. So many great ‘stories’ caught in the Chief’s reports

This old news guy loves the reports the Gazette runs. In my days we were welcomed into the police department daily to read ‘our copy’ of reports from the 24 hours past. Some were, by agreement, not for public consumption because of on-going investigations. We had the same with the Sheriff’s office and the FBI. Some cases were ‘sat on’ for weeks or months to be successfully completed. As was said, our ability to keep tract on what the community was experiencing at any given time, was good. Cooperation between the law folks and the press was a privilege, one not to be abused. Many interesting stories!! But, those days 60 to 70 years ago were different as to the types of crimes, much of what we see today. Drugs, for one type, were a minor deal hardly ever seen. Today, as you read, many arrests start for one offense, but end up with drugs involved after a search of a vehicle, or the offender.

HOPE you had a chance via the news broadcasts to witness the toe-to-toe, or face-to-face reality TV encounter with the CEO who “would be proud to own a government shutdown”, and the Democrat leaders. An Oval Office setting, with members of the media capturing it all live. And Vice President Pence sitting there like a wax figure from a museum.

It was wonderful to see members of our Congress sitting through the phony claims, misstatements, lies, all being captured by the media in the room. Incredible to see our representatives stand up and hold the blonde bombshell’s feet to the fire in front of the nation’s viewing audience. The two top Democrats, daring to enter the lion’s lair and telling Mr. Big what they believe we the nation should be doing.

The fun part is taking all of this in as the CEO’s top associates are being sentenced, or probably will be sentenced, to prison for being part of the many felonious acts which have occurred before and after November 20,2017. Sweet justice!

The sad part of all of this is that all of this is happening. How could so many of the American people have caused it to happen to begin with? More importantly, how can so many of his so-called “base” continue to think he is wonderful?

How often have you heard the ‘believers’ say what he would do as president, if elected, during his campaign? The scary part is, he is doing what he said he would do. He is ruining the country. We are being torn apart. We are being divided by ethnic groups. Our needy citizens are being frightened by the administration’s comments about Medicare and Medicaid. Immigration issues are being ‘kicked around’ without any assurances of what comes next, leaving real human beings hanging out while politicians play games of ‘chicken’ with the other side of the isle in Congress.

By the way, can anyone reading this column this wonderful Sunday morning (all several of you!) EVER remember such a mess in our national government? Ever remember when our so-called CEO faced the possibility of conviction and jail time for his felonies perpetrated before and after he became the Oval Office Occupant? I am elderly (a nice term for an old guy!) who has never seen, heard, experienced or lived through what is going on in this world’s greatest nation. Let us all hope that the current office-holder will not be able to complete the job he is incapable of performing. With so many legal issues facing him and his numerous shady (now felonious!) associates, almost anything can pop up. Possible indictment after he is out of office, legal pundits say?

CHEERS for our men and women out there 24/7 watching out for all of us as individuals, and for our property. We are fortunate!

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