Column 1: Say that again

Martinez News-Gazette Columnist

“SAY THAT AGAIN”, was the quote of the week seen and heard around the world. Who said it? Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, while being interviewed on MSNBC LIVE at a nationwide security meeting in Colorado. Why? He was just told by interviewer Andrea Mitchell that Vladimir Putin had been invited to the White House by the Oval Office Occupant, the narcissistic individual (see description below) who thinks only of himself in all situations, and did not feel obligated, apparently, to tell the head of all our intelligence operations before announcing it to the world. Was Dan Coats even consulted?

Possible scenario: “Say, Dan, would you go out to Dulles and pick up my friend, Vladi? He’s due to arrive at 10:30 on Aero Flot. Oh, did I forget to mention my dear friend was coming for a visit?”

The interview incident was not only very embarrassing to the head of our intelligence operations, but is one more example of the way the White House operates, and why the chaos level is at 10 at all times.

Narcissism; Great desire to be the center of attention; lack of empathy; feelings of being exceptional or superior to others; arrogance; a sense of entitlement; belief that he or she is special; a fantasy that he or she has unlimited power or brilliance, and more. (Anyone in a high place sound familiar?)

Earlier in the week, the thin-skinned person bragged that he was proud of “my” intelligence organization, the organizations he has denigrated and treated with disdain since day one of his term. Then, of course, he has threatened to pull the security clearances of the highest ranking former intelligence and security personnel who have dared to discuss his policies with highly critical comments on the air. Post-Helsinki visit brings words like ‘treasonous’ to mind.

AIR FORCE ONE, the private and elegant vehicle for U.S. presidents, a plane recognized all over the world will, if the gaudy tastes of the all-to-often passenger has his way, become a flying patriotic symbol jazzed up in red, white and blue, replacing the subtle colors it now has. The two new planes on order from Boeing, at $1.4 billion, will be the new colors. Not due for several years, there’s a good chance the current ‘owner’ will be gone and not get to ride in it. In the meantime, it is being used excessively to carry the rally cheer leader to his ‘base’ for re-election events, and to one of his ‘properties’, as they say, for R & R on weekends. “Comes the revolution,” as some comment.

FUN STUFF coming soon as a benefit for the Martinez Historical Society. Mark Friday, August 28 on your calendar for a special event of history titled, “Tucker, The Man and His Dream”. Some of us ‘oldies’ can remember the car and its story. Shell Clubhouse event. Tickets at and type Tucker in the search box. Newsletter states ‘hearty hors d’oeuvres, wine, dessert, music and silent auction’ (A wonderful newsletter by Debbie Zamaria has so much to read!)

TRADE WARS a good deal??? You did hear the feds are giving growers in the country some $12,000,000,000 (Billions!) to help them cover losses within weeks of the great start of the Oval Office Occupant’s great idea? Wait until the war really gets going. Your next car, washer and a myriad of items will be more costly. But, I guess if one has billions it is really of little concern?

One grower who was interviewed is projecting a 10 to 20% drop in his income from his crops. Obviously he is not in favor of tariffs.

CONGRESSMAN Mark DeSaulnier is getting TV commercial exposure in a message encouraging support of the battle against opioids. A good message with a plea to call his office to express concern and support.

FIRE SEASON has hit with a roar, and some near to home. The daily reports on the hundreds of wild fires across the nation are scary. The thoughts that Yosemite Valley is seriously threatened is so sad. Then we have a blaze in the Clayton/Marsh Creek area this past week which hit lovely homes, ranches and livestock. The utmost care to prevent any fire must be exercised. The areas around us are like a tinder box. Everything is so parched and ready for any kind of ignition.

FOOTBALL season is here. At least training camps are opening and there is a lot of excitement and anticipation for both the 49’ers and Raiders. The Niners with their new quarterback, and the Raiders with Jon Gruden back from retirement to coach the Silver and Black. First pre-season games coming up in a few days.

CHEERS to the fans turning out for the Martinez Clippers games down on the waterfront. ‘Our Town’ needs attractions to bring visitors. And, the Campbell Theater is attracting visitors for its productions. How about Roy Jeans’ musical venues at his Escobar Street location? All good.

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