Column 1: Children

Martinez News-Gazette Columnist

CHILDREN captured the headlines across the globe as two groups struggled to survive the past two weeks. One group in a seemingly impossible recovery in Thailand deep in a cave. The other children are in a ridiculous web of stupid political confusion brought about by the inept current national administration, aided and abetted by an equally inept national Congress which has no intestinal fortitude. When will the members (GOP??) rise up and call the president what he is? We say he is an inept clueless bully who has no business being in the lovely residence we know as the Peoples’ House. A disgrace to our nation.

At this point, the 12 young Thai soccer players and their coach, who, as we look back on the situation, probably made a critically bad choice when gong into that cave, have suffered so many days hunkered down in darkness before being found and, when the international gathering of Thai SEALS, other cave diving experts and helpers, used ‘genius’ means to recover all of the soccer players and their coach. An unbelievable feat, but with the loss of a rescue diver. How many of those of us watching and hoping would ever have bet on a successful rescue of ALL those youngsters? Worse!! How would we have handled being an anxious and torn-up parent waiting at the cave opening? No way can we read this and feel what the feelings might have been.

The comments of rescuers and others tell of the extreme conditions that were faced and overcome during the ordeal. And, the ending nearly became a disaster with the pump failure.

Already the movie industry is reportedly working on a movie.

Meanwhile, with the 12 young soccer players and their coach safely in the hospital with intense medical care, our nation is undergoing intense scrutiny from here and abroad about the tragic episode going on at our southern border. At this writing, we are hearing hundreds of young children are still not back with their parents as part of the administration’s ‘zero’ plan which has kids scattered all across the nation in detention centers. When will the no-plan operation of the inept government finally get children and parents back together? When will be certain that all the scattered youngsters have been put together with THEIR PARENTS, and not someone else who would love to have a youngster (infant?) of their own? Scare you?? Damn right!!!

What name will historians give this national tragedy? This attempt by the Oval Office Occupant (right now spreading his ill will and vitriol across Europe, as we write) will certainly provide him with some kind of ‘legacy’ which none of us would care to have.Turning families away from the border, or locking them up, because of his “protecting our national security”? Some say he is trying to make America ‘white again’! Again parallels to the 1930’s in Europe? He likes autocrats!!

TWO MORE long time Martinez residents passed away recently. Both added talent and enthusiastic support to the community and the county around us with their involvement in many civic endeavors. Marge Ross, active in support groups and politics in the past, mother of City Council Member Mark Ross and wife of Gene Ross, prominent realtor, passed away on July 4th . Ruppert Lorenzo, popular service station owner and member of several local service and fraternal organizations, was a local businessman with a ‘bouncy’ personality and well known for being a pipe smoker. ‘Hometown boy.’ Many local teenagers worked for Rupe over the years in one of his stations.

FEEL ANY RICHER since the news of the big jump in Bay Area property values was announced this past week? Overall gain of 7.4%, we are told. However, the gain is not going into your bank account, yet. Have to wait until you sell your place. However, if you want to think really big, how about the place on the Carmel’s 17 Mile Drive asking $37,000,000! But wait. You get 9 bedrooms, 8 baths, etc. Interested?

ROTTEN DEAL being dished out by the current administration for thousands of military personnel who signed up with promises of a smoother way to U.S. citizenship. Started during the Obama administration, this discharging process has been intensified since the current leadership group rolled into the Capitol. Over the decades many non-citizens have been given the chance to work toward citizenship by becoming a member of the military. Why the sudden change of policy? Like so much blamed today on alleged nati0nal security. Very poor decision, in our humble opinion.

HOW do you feel about the splitting of California into three pieces? There will be plenty of heated discussion ahead on this issue. Lots of legal issues, too. Those residents close to where the splits would occur, if the attempt would be approved, could be anxious, right? However, the process needs so many approvals the likelihood of success seems remote. However!?

SO MANY people downtown walking about with some kind of drink or food in their hands. Some even manage to have food, drink and their electronic ‘gadgets’ in hand. Well-fed and well-armed. Not all watch where they are going. On-coming pedestrians and parking meters can be a challenge.

CHEERS for the fans who are turning out for the Martinez Clippers games at the Waterfront. The team is developing and needs the support and encouragement. Go, Clippers!

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