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Martinez News-Gazette Columnist

LETTERS TO EDITORS are a welcomed addition to any publication. They are a reflection of readers’ thoughts or ideas. They also are an opportunity for readers to express opinions on issues, on content of the publication. All good!

A recent Column 1 drew sharp criticism from three subscribers who felt the harsh treatment of the current president expressed in the column the week preceding July Fourth, regarding his ‘taking over’ the traditional annual event in Washington, D.C. was unwarranted. In reviewing the column, and reflecting on the wording, we can see their concern. We, too, have concerns regarding such ‘treatment’ of the sitting Chief Executive of our nation. However, this columnist was not alone in his expressions. Other editors, writers and columnists had similar thoughts based on past performances by the Oval Office Occupant. We all missed this time.

Someone who has made decisions of great magnitude without the counsel of aides or advisors might (“because I am President”) plan and have carried out an event which would be a national embarrassment. Knowing his penchant for large campaign rallies across the nation on nearly a weekly basis, there was reason for concern. Therefore, there was also an expression of that deep concern in media widespread.

Happily, for all of us, the White House speech writers did a fine job of researching military history and put together succinct Military History 101, which was followed on the teleprompter without the often-heard off-the-cuff comments meant to rally his ‘base’ as they are called.

Thanks to the expenditure of millions of dollars of apparently diverted defense dollars, and the military equipment props – planes and tanks – the event, under drizzly skies, came off well. Not everyone was totally pleased with the change of venue. However, the republic did survive, at least to this Column 1 (number 352 over several years!). It is no secret that I do not care for the current Oval Office Occupant. Even since he came down the escalator in Trump Tower with his lovely wife following.

I do not have any change in my feelings about someone who is trying very hard to divide our nation, consort with the foreign autocratic leaders who are killers who rule with iron fists and threaten the rest of the world with bullying and nuclear weapons.

The so-called Mueller Report, broadcast this week in a Congressional hearing, made very clear that our president is clearly someone who should be indicted for so many ill deeds. Will he complete his current term? Time and circumstances will tell us.

HOW MUCH?!?! Did ‘we’ know that the Federal government owes $2.85 TRILLION to the Social Security Trust Fund? This according to the Seniors Center, a group working to protect our SS future. But, Congress keeps ‘borrowing’ from the Fund, and repays with IOU’s of government bonds. With never-ending budget deficits, there is little chance of restoring the funds. Something to think about for those of us on Social Security and those hoping to be a recipient one day in the future. It’s always something, right???

ANOTHER ‘memory’ from 1960s refinery days came to mind this week. It began with a phone call from a resident on a court just east of the new refinery complex on Pacheco Boulevard. My colleague and I paid her a visit. She complained that the fumes from the new plant were bothering her. She told us she had emphysema and the fumes caused her distress in breathing. As we visited, the elderly neighbor finished one cigarette and started a second!!

CHEERS for the agreement recently which will someday add a couple thousand acres of East Bay Parks to our area at the Concord Naval Weapons Station site. Development will take years, along with the rest of the land, but is will happen for the enjoyment of all who like the outdoors. Congratulations to those with the foresight and will to make such developments occur.

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